LoudounTimes: All three referendums pass

All three Loudoun County referendums passed Nov. 8 and will provide $172.6 million in funding for the construction of four new schools, a much needed renovation at Park View High School, emergency services equipment and a change in the voting dates for Leesburg Town Council.

The Acquisition of Fire and Rescue Apparatus bond passed with 72 percent of voters voting yes. The Election date change passed with 75 percent of voters choosing yes and The School Bond passed with 58 percent of voters approving.

The School Bond referendum, costing $169.6 million, will cover more than 98 percent of the $172.6 million and cover the construction of the new Moorefield Station Elementary School or ES-16 for $22.83 million; the new Ashburn Area Elementary School or ES-22 for $22.83 million; the new Ashburn Area Middle School or MS-6 for $39.38 million; the new Ashburn Area High School or HS-8 for $81 million; and $3.57 million of renovations to Park View High School.

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