WaPo: Loudoun County Development Projects


Projects proposed

8. 511 Shaw Road, 511 Shaw Rd. Special exception to allow 100 percent office-data-center uses on 11.45 acres zoned PD-IP (Planned Development, Industrial Park).

Projects approved

11. Schmitz Industrial Park, Lots 20, 40A, 41A and 42, north of Sterling Boulevard, south of Cedar Green Road, east of Shaw Road and west of Davis Drive and W&OD Regional Park. Rezone about eight acres from R-1 (Residential, one unit per acre) and PD-IP (Planned Development, Industrial Park) under the 1972 zoning ordinance to PD-IP under the revised 1993 zoning ordinance and allow the development of all principal and secondary uses in the zoning district, along with special-exception approval to permit office, administrative, business or professional uses (one story), outdoor accessory storage up to 25 percent of the gross floor area, motor vehicle rental (outdoor storage only) and a parking lot/valet service.

Building permits issued

25. Hossain Esmaeili, 2,210-square-foot building at 45496 Ruritan Cir.


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