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Transportation Research Board Grant: Loudoun County Road Orders 1757-1800 VDOT recently approved  a grant for the Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research to conduct a study on the history of roads in Loudoun County during the 18th centry. From TRB’s website: Loudoun County Road Orders 1757-1800 Record Type: DOT … Continue reading

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Sterling Memorabilia

Metal Arc Machine Works Route 2, Sterling, VA. 22170 430-2551 John W. Shetter, Jr. Anybody know where Route 2 was? A Google Search seems to indicate it had a post office on it at least into the 1980s, but the trail … Continue reading

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WaPo: Loudoun County Development Projects Projects proposed 8. 511 Shaw Road, 511 Shaw Rd. Special exception to allow 100 percent office-data-center uses on 11.45 acres zoned PD-IP (Planned Development, Industrial Park). Projects approved 11. Schmitz Industrial Park, Lots 20, 40A, 41A and 42, north … Continue reading

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LeesburgToday: Dulles World Breaks Ground On Interchange

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PostLocal: Fairfax County board approves $6 million for final designs to widen 4 areas of Route 28 The Washington Post reports the four areas of the highway involved are Route 28 southbound between Sterling Boulevard and the Dulles Toll Road; the Route 28 southbound bridge over the Dulles Toll Road; Route 28 southbound between the Dulles … Continue reading

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